November 17, 2009

Monster Hunter Unite, Gran Turismo PSP - Online Multiplayer via PlayStation 3 adhocParty

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP Gran Turismo PSP

Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 3's "adhocParty" functionality will debut in North America later this month, allowing those that own both a PlayStation 3 and PSP to play portable games like Gran Turismo PSP and Monster Hunter Freedom online.

Supporting only certain titles, the adhocParty service essentially transforms the PlayStation 3 into an online access point, which then enables the ad hoc multiplayer of compatible PSP games to be played across the internet instead of locally.

Sony is billing adhocParty as a "new social gaming service," with Capcom North America and Europe's COO Mark Beaumont noting that "at last, Monster Hunter fans will be able to adventure together, regardless of where they are in North America."


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  1. What a cool combination! my friends will surely enjoy this. This way we can have "the more the merrier" scene in our get-together parties. :D