November 15, 2009

adhocParty Coming Soon to PSP

adhocParty PSP

Adhoc multiplayer mode won't be the bane of PSP owners who want the global reach of infrastructure mode anymore. If they have PS3s, that is. Sony has finally announced that Adhoc Party is coming to North America.

For those who haven't heard of it, Adhoc Party is a free PS3 app that lets PSP owners connect to a PS3 through Wi-Fi and play adhoc-only games over the Internet. Can't find companions nearby for a Monster Hunter run? With Adhoc Party, you can look for party members from halfway 'round the globe.

The app also supports voice chat if you have a PlayStation Eye wireless headset.

The only thing that puts a damper in the festivities is that apart from saying that it's coming soon, Sony hasn't revealed a launch date yet. Still, great news. It's about damn time that they announce this, really, what with the number of big adhoc-only PSP games that have come out (and are about to come out).


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